Free stock images

  •– Free royalty free images.
  • – A good collection of free photos and textures.
  • – Run by a small group of photographers, Unprofound has a good selection of photos to choose from.
  • – A wide variety of free stock textures to choose from.
  • – This site hasn’t been updated in a while but has an unusual twist; you can request a specific image and volunteers will try and find one that meets your specification. There are plenty of great images to choose from.
  • – Plenty of free images, although the quality does vary.
  • – Free images for creatives by creatives.
  • – Over 15000 meticulously categorised photos, available for download in six different sizes.
  • Public-Domain-Photos – 5000 free public domain photos to browse through.
  • OpenPhoto – Free images, but be careful to check the license of each photo for usage.
  • – A reasonable selection of free photos, although quality does vary.
  • Flickr Creative Commons– Check licences carefully and credit the owner with a link to their profile.
  • – Nice range of free images, but the sizes may be too restrictive for some.
  • WikiMedia Commons – Over ten million photos to choose from. Attribution is required.
  • – Photos must be credited and a few have copyright restrictions (refer to the About page for more details).
  • –Lots of great quality photos. Sign up is required to access image downloads.
  • – A small but high quality collection covering a range of subjects.
  • – Over 4000 images, the majority of which are nature or object themed.
  • – 27000 free images and a community of over 40000 members. One to bookmark.
  • PhotoBucket - Check licences carefully and credit the owner with a link to their profile.
  • 74 free stock photo resource - a great selection of images from design app makers CANVA - Thanks Joyce.
  • Good Free Photos - Over 7000 good resolution photos - parks, landmarks: Free for any use (credit link reqd)

Both free and cheap stock images

  • – We linked to this on Twitter last month. There’s a huge selection of icons although not all of them are free. If icons are your thing, check out our free hosting and tech-themed icons on our resources page.
  • – They only have a tiny selection of free images every month, but there’s a good selection of premium images that are extremely cheap and great quality. Well-organised and easy to navigate.
  • – A pretty good image search website which is well set out and easy to use. Contrary to its name, not all the images are free (although the majority are).
  • – Photos are free in return for a link back, or you can purchase a licence for complete freedom.
  • – Very well organised with plenty of images available. Free photos are available here.

Cheap stock images

  • – Low prices and a wide selection of photos available, including celebrities.
  • – Offers to beat prices of similar images elsewhere on the web.
  • – A premium photo site specialising in photos of food and drink, which can often be harder to source.
  • – Another paid resource with good prices and no need to register.
  • – A well-known, cheap source of stock photos with different payment options available.
  • – One of the most popular image sites, iStockPhoto has a huge collection of photos at very reasonable prices.

Please CHECK THOROUGHLY the terms and conditions of use. Many sites claim free image use but only for non-commercial or what's known as personal use. If in doubt write to the website owner and ask. Also a good TIP ... If you have to buy images; KEEP THE RECEIPT and LICENCE. Just set up a folder in your Outlook or on the Hard Disk and keep the email or licence.txt there.

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