Why is my website not showing up in Google?

Making your website rank well in Google by choosing good keywords and having great content is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Performed correctly, SEO will make your website "show up" in Google's* search results.
We will refer to Google when dealing with SEO, however Bing and Yahoo (now owned by Bing) account for 30 percent market share and most of the SEO information, if not all, applies to Bing+Yahoo too.

150 pounds

We will fully optimize the home page subtly re-writing the content with keywords and then balancing the whole for maximim ranking in Google when compared to competing sites

150 pounds

We will make sure the page links, titles and descriptions apply to the pages. This is essential work and is actually included as standard when Calco UK build your website. See table below.

99 pounds per page

Order the PAGE pack or SITE pack and we will charge only 99 pounds to fully optimise any of the pages in your website. The price is PER extra page. All table features shown below inc.

If you are not sure about any aspects of SEO, dont worry. Calco UK are SEO experts and use statistical tools and not guesswork to analyse your website and give you a good indication of success and how to achieve that success. We can also work cooperatively with your marketing department or PR Agency, in fact almost eveything we have learned about marketing is gleaned from working with marketing professionals.

The hardest part in learning SEO is discovering that you need it and that good SEO is worth every penny.

How to do SEO

On the home page in particular .. you focus on:- WHO you are - WHAT you do - WHERE you do "it"

You may want to add other ingedients to the mix such as price tages "cheap" or "free" but the main descision for your HOME page will be to go with the BRAND or SERVICE / PRODUCT TYPE. The brand being the name of the company (eg Chum) or the Service / Product Type (dog food)

Incidentally .. Making your website rank well in Google by methods other than page content (off-page) is called SEM or Search Engine Marketing. This section deals only wtith SEO. Click SEM for the "other" methods of gaining traffic to your website.

SEO IN DETAIL - What we do (or why not try it yourself - its usually free)

QUESTION : If your web design company didnt build this SEO into your website - why not?

We give away these "secrets"' in the hope clients will realise what's involved in good SEO work and what to avoid!
Researched : Are your keywords actually searched for Yes  
Quality : Is your page well written Yes  
Keywords : are the keywords present but not stuffed Yes  
Engagement : Is the bounce rate low Yes  
Regular New Content : are you adding new content Yes  
Title Tag : Does it contain the Keywords Yes Title Tag
Description Tag : Does it describe the page Yes  
H1 & H2 : Are these should be the KEY(WORD) points Yes  
Linked : Can Google "see" all the pages via the links Yes  
Loading : Does the page load quickly and not huge images Yes  
URL vs Keywords : Are the links meaningful keywords Yes  
page_name_keywords.html : 4-5 keywords max ( Matt Cutts) Yes  
Competitor Analysis : see what the competition does Yes  
Inter-Page Linking : only genuine, never spammy Yes  
Alt Tags : add value to your images and links Yes  
Synonyms : keywords have streetwise & academic versions too Yes  
Responsive : website experience should be good on ANY device Yes  
SSL : Add an SSL certificate to your website Yes  
Bad Content : no substance or Top 10 Tips style sites No - bad seo  
Keyword Stuffing : just copy with repeated keywords everywhere No - bad seo  
Hidden Text : Text and Links Coloured the same as background No - bad seo  
Cloaking : Humans see different pages from Search Engines No - bad seo  
Graphic : Huge graphics with no or little text or ALT tags No - bad seo  
Spam Content : Pages are filled with automated content No - bad seo  
Link Farms : Dont buy cheap links No - bad seo  
Banned content : Will content be within Google's STRICT listings No - bad seo  
Blocked : Will someone block you No - bad seo  
Flash : Over-use of Flash - Google can see little of Flash content No - bad seo  
Over-use of Pop-ups No - bad seo  

Does Google frown on SEO?

No.. Matt Cutts is Head of Google's spam fighting team. He has produced this video to allay fears that Google disapproves of (and will punish) all SEO.

SEO is long term - think seed!

You are planting seeds in Google's fertile beds. Nurture them and they will grow. Leave them and they wither.

What is a SERP?

Search Engine Results Pages. If you are not sure about any of the SEO jargon, see our SEO GLOSSARY Its also a good place to learn SEO


How long does SEO take to work?

From 1 day to 18 months


Optimization vs Optimisation

Calco is a UK company and yet we use the American or international spelling of the word Optimization in our on-line literature.

We have done this to show you an example of real world SEO. Most people searching for SEO will probably spell the word with a "Z" We want to catch most people.

From the above you can probably glean that Calco wants SEO business from America. However, It really depends on the popularity of any targeted keyword, even if we only wanted UK clients we might still use "Optimization". The following table shows the number of pages with both spellings; first in the UK and lastly in the Global (USA)

GOOGLE UK : z=114,000,000 pages
GOOGLE UK : s=104,000,000 pages
GOOGLE COM : z=104,000,000 pages
GOOGLE COM : s=12,000,000 pages


What to look out for.

Unfortunately mailboxes fill daily with charlatans and fraudsters. If the ad says that this or that company can get your website to the top of Google in next to no time.. BEWARE!

Many companies offer top ten listings (the first page of results in Google). Just remember Google themselves say they do not take money for placement in their normal results. Anyone can offer to put you in the top 10 of page one in Google for: cephalopod pyjamas, its less likely they will get you in the top ten on page one for keywords like: cheap car insurance. Guide to bad SEO

What our customers say ...

"I have worked with Calco UK for over 10 years on a number and diversity of projects. In this time many other IT/web design companies have claimed to be experts about SEO. Calco UK in my experience, is the only one which has delivered excellent results time and time again, coupled with a truly first class service.” Stewart Miller, Brand & Business Development Manager, Tio Ltd

How Do I get SEO for my Website

Call 01599 534964 OPTION 8 with your website address and chosen Keywords - we will do the rest.


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What does all this ETHICAL SEO stuff cost?

Optimizing Package for ONE page costs 150 pounds.

Optimizing a 5 page website Package so that the basics are correct costs 150 pounds.

Am I already in Google?

If you want to see if Google has already INDEXED your website then type

where you replace "" with the name of YOUR OWN website. If you are listed... Google will then display a lest of pages it has visited and catalogued.


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