How to use video in your SEO and SEM strategy

The method employed to get your video to the top of the Video listings so that visitors go to your website / Product is actually an easier process than preparing and submitting ordinary (text and image based) pages to Google.

Getting to the number one spot in Google Video however is not easy, especially if your product area is saturated or has a high level of competition.

The basic rules apply though:

Determine the correct KEYWORDS that people will use to search

Dont SPAM the keywords

Title : make the Make the video concise and contain ONE subject area. If your product needs to describe two areas - make TWO videos!

Description : there is a box you can use to describe your video - use keywords but describe the content in a way that will attract YOUR video over others of a similar

Tags : videos dont contain words so Google offers you the opportunity to describe the content using words called TAGS. THese are your keywords

number of views : the more views you get the higher Google ramks your video.

rating : the higher the rating - the better Google ranks your video.

Lastly Put a pretty girl or action shot in the KEYFRAME


Keep it short between 1-4 minutes max

File Formats

For Facebook, the best format to upload is H.264 video with AAC audio in MOV or MP4 format. H.264 currently offers the best video compression available, and due to file size limitations, this format is the optimal choice for Facebook Video. To avoid the rescaling of your video by Facebook's encoder, use a file with the larger edge of the video not exceeding 1280px. If your video is less than 1280px in size on the larger edge, try to keep your dimensions to multiples of 16px for best compression. Keep the frame rate of your video at or below 30fps.  Use stereo audio with a sample rate of 44,100hz.

REMEMBER : A video channel with a set of videos describing each feature of your company (or your product range) underpins your website status in Google. In other words - not only do you get extra Google credit for having the videos; you also generate another set of doorways or entry points into your website.


Make videos from images and music online

If you dont have any foootage .. Here's how to make videos online

You can still build video sites using a backing track and stills. There are loads of websites out there that will do this fore free. However, eben though the internet is Fast, faster than say 5 years ago, its still slow when you consider you need to send up to 50 images per second and high quality stereo down the "pipe" to your customer base.

It makes some sense then when offering a slideshow with concise information your customers want rather than glitzy, effects ridden pop-videos.

Animoto - well known an reliable. Lots of features and an upgrade package when you are ready to go Pro and pay for the service. Lots of FREE options though.

MovieMaker Online - Drag n Drop heaven - simple and effective

One True Media - Mix your video clips and photos with their effects, music and text. Integrated post to Facebook and YouTube etc

Masher - Mixx - mash - share on Social Media

Jargon overload

File Formats : MP4

In the past the size of your video was very important as it had to look sharp when made small (re-sized). Suffice to say that nowadays its still very important to have killer looking content and thus you should shoot in a good resolution (or screen grab at 1280x720) and save your work as MP4 format as this is a versitile compressed package format.

MP4 is a container, offering menus, audio, video, subtitles and still images to be held in a single file. Youtibe presers this format.

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Video Channels

IMost people know about Youtube now however here are a few more ideas :-

YouTube - By far the most popular and well known of all video websites. Initial 15 min limit

Vimeo - Probably second most popular .. but a long way behind the number one spot.

Facebook - You can upload your video direct to Facebook and use Tagging. No viewing figures are available.

Google Videos - As the name suggests owned by the Google Corp and specifically an index for video with many specialist search features Now used by many as a platform for selling videos

Yahoo Videos - Search engine for video with options to search across hosting platforms.

Metacafe - Very professional service and well scanned by Google et al. Free

Daily Motion - Categorised videos into social networking.

Viddler - Offers free and paid for service

sem robot

Going Pro

If you just want a hostig service for high volume video try AMazon. Their S3 system is ideal for this and you wont get advertising pushed across the bottom of the video every time it starts.


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