OpenCart Ecommerce

Simple to use E-Commerce

OpenCart is free to use and is open source software. OpenCart shops have been around for a long time now, so the softare is pretty reliable and has a large number of enthusiasts who support and develop regularly - Forum Here.

Payment Gateways include: 2CO, Barclays PDQ, Eway, Google Express and Others, HSBC, PayPal, RBS WorldPay

OpenCart supports currency in Dollar, Pound and Euro formats (and many more).

The software supports Product Reviews, Product Ratings, 8 Shipping methods, Manufacturers and Auto Image Re-size

INSTALL is by 1-click from your control panel. Once installed you need to configure the software, just accept the defaults, choose a Log-In for later... it will look something like the page in Figure 1 shown below.

The OpenCart Website is here

Demonstrations here

Zen Cart Shopping Portal Example

Figure 1 - The basic OpenCart layout looks like this.


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