Cube Cart Ecommerce

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CubeCart is a traditional shopping cart and brochure software solution. Its benefits include being able to set up a solution quickly and support from the manufacturer via support credits.

Although the software is not free, you can install it free and try it for 45 days after which you can buy at a very reasonable cost form the manufacturer a license and branding removal "key".

The Cube Cart Website is here

Their pricing which is currently 120 pounds is here

Cube Cart Ecommerce

Above - What a demo Cube Cart website looks like. With a license you can remove the logo and apply your own branding.


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  • Zen Photo
  • Lime Survey
  • OpenCart
  • Status.Net

Our existing 1-click-installs have just been upgraded :-

- Drupal V6.22
- Drupal 7 V7.4
- WordPress V3.2.1
- Website Search V1.6
- Crafty Syntax Live V3.1.2
- CMS Made Simple V1.9.4.2
- Elgg V1.7.10
- Geeklog Weblog V1.8.0
- MediaWiki V1.17.0
- phpBB3 Forum V3.0.9
- AWStats Statistics V7.0
- Roundcube Webmail V0.5.3
- SugarCRM V6.2.1
- Typo3 V4.5.3
- Tracewatch V0.353

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