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  • 1 June 2003
  • New web site goes live. We offer SUSS or Self Updating Software Service to clients with existing web sites. This is also known as Content Management Systems or CMS however SUSS works with STANDARD web pages not specially constructed ASP or Iclude style pages.


  • 6 June 2003
  • Design Service fully implemented.


  • 7 July 2003

  • New sections for web sie commissioned.
    ASP version of Directory launched.


    1 March 2004
    Changes in Search Engine
    policies result in a dramatic increase in SE submission prices


    1 March 2010
    SEM holds sway
    - we begin to use articles, lists and video to underpin websites.


    1 March 2011
    Social Media Advertsing REALLY kicks in. The focus of ads on Facebook is second to none.


    SEO MADE SIMPLE (with pictures) click here
    Calco UK's new website focused on SEO / SEM
    (on and off-page techniques)


    Once your web site has been created and deployed you need to let people know where it is. There are two effective ways of achieving this:
    1) Conventional Advertising through Newspapers, Brochures, Business cards, TV, Radio, Transport of course and Trade Press. You would deal with this end of the marketing by simply giving your web site address to whoever does your advertising.

    2) On-line marketing. This is a specialist service that can be implemented in one of two ways :-

    Paid For or Unpaid general Submissions. Whatever you choose you will have to OPTIMISE at least the home page on your web site. Call us if you are not sure about search engine listings as it can be bewildering to the novice.


    It's important to optimize your web page contents for your keywords. By optimizing your web page contents for your keywords, you tell search engines that your pages are relevant to these keywords.

    As long as there is no competition, your web pages will get top rankings for these keywords. Unfortunately, there's a lot of competition on the Internet and many pages are optimized for the same keywords.

    That's where inbound links come in. If more than one web page is optimized for the same keyword, then the web page with the best inbound links will get the best rankings.



    When ANOTHER website has a link to YOUR WEBSITE it is called an inbound link. You should ask everyone you know to link TO YOUR WEBSITE as this increases the ranking in Google and the other major search engines; namelly Yahoo and MSN.

    What is Optimisation? (or even Optimization??)

    This is a process whereby you add special KEYWORDS to the invisible part or HEADER of the web page that describe who you are, what you do, and where you do it. This tells the automated search engines all they need to know in order to classify your web site content. For example company selling rocking horses in Inverness might have the keywords ROCKING HORSE, INVERNESS, SHOPPING, TOYS etc. These words or phrases are sometimes called META TAGS.

    The process begins with YOU writing down 20 Key Words that describe your product, services or company. You give this to us and we then perform the magic.

    Here at Calco UK we analyse the effectiveness of the top 50 or so search engines and update our database MONTHLY so that we always know which engines give the best value for money.


    WARNINGS : There are a number of businesses who feel they are THE most important in their field and spend a lot of time and effort trying to get to the top of Search Engine listings. Businesses like Hotels, Crafts and General Clothing have to be very specific about how they try to get listed in a search engine as there is furious competition for the top 20 spots.

    SECONDLY : We like to tell people so they are aware, that position in Google (and other search services) can go DOWN as well as up. So if you are already HIGH in the rankings, then altering the content of your website can result in movement EITHER WAY! If this is the case then a different strategy must be adopted so the downward trend can be reversed. Calco UK can advise you on this approach.


    Oh and should you use Optimisation (UK Spelling) or Optimization (USA Spelling) - The answer lies on how you think your TARGET MARKET will spell it. However Google UK is pretty slick and can tell the difference, is more USA and internationally orientated.

    Paid For Listings ...

    This is the kind of marketing whereby Calco UK pay the Search Engine company a fee to include YOU in their search results. Where you end up in their listing depends on BIDDING (see below) and how many similar business are trading in your spcific area. Examples include Yahoo Google etc


    Not Paid For ... Organic Listings

    Probably the best approach for forward thinking companies. A longer term approach whereby we OPTIMISE your lead page and submit this to the search engines individually. This costs around 149 pounds per submission. Results show through in around 6-12 weeks and when Keywords are changed the page requires re-submission.

    Sponsored Results or Pay Per Click (PPC - Adwords etc)

    There are also SPONSORED LINKS where you pay to have your product listed preferentially along with all the other listings. You can see this clearly on Yahoo at the top of each listing. Sponsor Results are the same listings what used to be called "Sponsor Matches." Only the name is new. These are paid listings provided by Overture Services, Inc. that appear on Yahoo! Search results pages. This program uses a performance-based model in which businesses bid for enhanced placement in search results on terms that are relevant to their business, and pay on a per-click basis. With this model you have to be careful and set a strict budget or limit.

    Link Popularity

    To measure how popular your web site is search engines scour the web looking for how many other sites link to you. This is called Link Popularity and its how Search Engines measure your importance as a web site on the internet and therefore one of the cirteria on how HIGHLY they RANK you in their listings.

    Calco UK Search Engine Submissions and Search Engine Optimization packages now offer Link Popularity as an add-on feature that continually works to promote your site growth in the following ways:


    > you'll get highly targeted visitors to your web site
    > you'll get more customers and more sales
    > you'll benefit from new business contacts
    > your web site will get a higher ranking on search engines
    > your web site will get higher link popularity


    Basically ... Increase the link popularity of your site and get highly targeted free traffic to your web site increasing month by month.

    We strongly advice professional companies to adopt a Link Popularity strategy as soon as possible as there are more and more businesses with web sites struggling to be noticed in a GLOBAL economy.

    Prices start at 299 pounds.

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