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E-COMMERCE>> ACTINIC CATALOGUE (under revision July 10)
  • 1 June 2003
  • New web site goes live. We offer SUSS or Self Updating Software Service to clients with existing web sites. This is also known as Content Management Systems or CMS however SUSS works with STANDARD web pages not specially constructed ASP or Iclude style pages.


  • 6 June 2003
  • Design Service fully implemented.


  • 7 July 2003

  • New sections for web sie commissioned.
    ASP version of Directory launched.


    Calco UK use Actinic software to run their e-commerce solution. This software is tried and tested and continually being developed to maintain its industry lead.

    Actinic is a UK provider of ecommerce software - online catalogue and shopping cart software for small and medium businesses. Winner of numerous awards, with more sites than any other supplier in the UK and thousands of users in over 40 countries worldwide, Actinic is the first choice for businesses wanting to sell online.

    Actinic comes in TWO versions ACTINIC CATALOGUE and for the more advanced user ACTINIC BUSINESS which includes support for customer accounts.

    Actinic Catalogue

    Everything you need to sell on the internet
    Actinic Catalog shopping cart software provides everything you need to design, build and run a business web site and online store. Easy to use design themes provide a choice of styles; or you or your web designer can create a custom design. Store updates are made easily from the PC through a Windows interface. Orders are downloaded securely to be processed and invoiced; reports for stock monitoring, back order management and shipping can be generated.

    Current price is from 1500 pounds


    Actinic Business

    As Actinic Catalogue but with the addition of ...

    Customer account management, customised pricing schedules for individual customers, customer-specific store content and quantity based discounts. Support for downloadable products such as music, software and images is available as an extra.

    Prices on application




    Shared SSL

    This is now being replaced by Actinic Payments


    Actinic Payments Gateway

    A superb, cost effective gateway that will allow you to accept payment cards securely under the new card regulations :-

    Security of payment card data is crucial in the online world and the standard to protect card data is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This is a joint venture between Visa and Mastercard and supported by all banks. Compliance with this standard is now compulsory for all businesses that handle, process or store payment card details either on computer or on paper.

    Actinic Payments is fully PCI DSS compliant. It provides automated payment functions for both online and mail / telephone order transactions which means that your customers and your staff will only enter card details into a system which is PCI DSS compliant. It will remove the need for you to process web transactions manually and eliminate the local storage of credit card details.


    Actinic Payments integrates seamlessly with all Actinic E-Commerce systems and offers one of the best transactions rates anywhere.


    YOU MUST HAVE A MERCHANT ACCOUNT to use Actinic Payments Gateway


    Direct to Actinic - currently
    Cover for Business - under revision
    Cover for Catalog - under revision



    v2.1 Beta


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