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  • 1 June 2003
  • New web site goes live. We offer SUSS or Self Updating Software Service to clients with existing web sites. This is also known as Content Management Systems or CMS however SUSS works with STANDARD web pages not specially constructed ASP or Iclude style pages.


  • 6 June 2003
  • Design Service fully implemented.


  • 7 July 2003

  • New sections for web sie commissioned.
    ASP version of Directory launched.


    1 Nov 2007

    New pricing


    Cheap domains AND reliable service from Calco - we take your domain reliability seriously!
    Buying a domain

    Calco UK has a domain name which is called which is commonly referred to as a dot com (and writted as .com) Our web address is and one of our email addresses is We also own the name which is referred to as a dot co dot uk domain.

    When you buy a domain name you buy it for TWO years with the exclusive option to renew when the initial two year period expires.

    Calco UK sells domain names on the above basis and in effect you OWN the domain and the right to use indefinitely so long as you keep renewing the two year contracts paid in full under our terms and conditions.


    Bear in mind that the first domain name you choose might already belong to someone else, in which case you cannot purchase or own that particular name. We recommend trying a combination of TWO words describing your business and location for example a company selling flowers in Inverness might call themselves


    If you would like a domain name, simply call or email and we can check its availability. We can also give you further options and alternatives if your domain is unavailable.

    TLDs such as .com .net .info .org .eu info .biz and many more

    We currently charge 30 pounds per annum (two years minimum contract / price reduces in subsequent years)

    We currently charge 12.50 pounds per annum (two years minimum contract
    Nominet Member

    Forced removal of a domain from an ISP

    Calco UK are frequently contracted to forcibly transfer away domains from an internet company with whom the legal registrant ('domain owner') lacks confidence. In most cases owners of a domain wish to transfer for reasons of price or quality of service.

    We have a very high success rate in this area due to the stringent checking process we employ in checking the registrant's claim to ownership.

    Please note we do not settle ownership or entitlement disputes or offer ANY legal advice.

    We also sell most other international domain names including countries outwith the UK e.g. SPAIN, DENMARK GERMANY etc - please call for the latest market price

    Cancellation of Domains

    Notification of cancellation must be at least 60 days before renewal. If we do not receive instruction we will invoice the full amount of renewal. When you buy a domain, you are explicitly agreeing to this as a condition of sale.


    Redemption of Domains

    Domains which have expired or cancelled by mistake may go through what is known as a REDEMPTION PERIOD. If this is the case tthen its possible that a domain can be REDEEMED or restored to its owner. Please ask for details. Please note that redemtion of lost or expired domainsis relatively expensive.


    Jan 08


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